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I have been using Mage Cards for just over 3 months and it has been incredibly useful to purchase a range of cards. Whether that is EDH staples or harder to find cards, all for really reasonable prices. It's really great to be able to buy important staple cards for a matter of pence rather than the inflated prices you might find elsewhere. The website is really easy to navigate and keep track of your purchases, whether they are ongoing, posted or past completed orders. I have gone from using the site occasionally to a regular user and I would implore anyone reading this to do the same!

I'm very impressed with Mage. It's a great place to buy cards and you can really see the hard work of the talented team behind it. Thank you for it!

Keep up the amazing work, building 3 decks one for me and my daughter and my partner has never been easier thanks to Mage.

Since finding Mage and ordering my first commander (that actually worked well) it has been my favourite place to get cards. I've found all the sellers incredibly helpful, even some as far as putting in an extra card that they think would fit the theme (happened more than once you know who you are Rob). I have had issues occasionally with delivery of items but one quick message and the seller is there to help.

I have found the new MageFinder tool incredibly useful as well for ordering a few cards in a go

I'll always look on Mage for stock before going anywhere else.

Mage for me has been a whole new adventure. I'm a dedicated magic player and a chronic card hoarder and I've never got into selling before - mostly because other sites make it difficult, confusing and time consuming. Now I actively enjoy selling cards that I don't use and buying singles that I need through Mage because the entire experience is streamlined, easy and intuitive. I used to think that I couldn't sell cards because I wasn't a trader or collector - but Mage makes buying and selling singles an accessible part of the Magic experience for all players.

I've loved watching Mage grow to include new features as I use it and I'm excited to see what is next to come.

Mage is becoming my go-to shop for magic singles. Very easy to use, with trusted sellers. I'm also looking at listing some bits and bobs for sale. Recommended to both new mtg players and seasoned ones.

Mage is amazing. For one, it's set to UK prices by default and the user interface is really easy to get around. It's not only easy to ensure I am getting a deal I am happy with, but I can quickly select exact versions and prints of the cards I need. I also regularly use it to quickly calculate whether an in person trade is fair as average prices are easy to find.

Recently I started selling through Mage and the listing and sale experience has been seamless. I am especially grateful for how quick it is to list in bulk using Mage's bulk upload tool.

The team behind Mage clearly cares deeply about Magic and the community around it, and I am really excited to see it continue to grow!

My experience of using Mage for all my mtg card finding has been nothing but positive: great selection, fantastic service and above all sellers who go above and beyond.

Mage have been incredible for me. From having every card I need, at competitive prices, to their incredible support, there's never been a time I've had to check up on order status, delivery times, or worry about a seller not responding. The customer service is another level (haven't experienced anything close to the care and attention to detail that is thought of without me needing to even email them they are always on the case).

I would (and have many times) recommend mage to anyone looking to buy magic cards, and they are always my go to

Go with Mage to get your cards quick, stress free, safely and fairly priced.

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