Your guide to buying MTG cards

We're trying to make buying magic singles as simple as possible. In this guide we talk about a few tips that might help when you're purchasing cards on the site, either from fellow players or from independent game stores.

1Fewer sellers, lower postage

The less number of sellers you can buy your cards from in one go, the less you're going to pay in postage. For example, you might be after 5 cards. It might be that each of the cards in question is offered at the cheapest price by different sellers; instead of ordering from 5 sellers and paying postage 5 times, you'll probably be better off ordering all of them from 1 or 2 of them, optimising for less shipping costs.

2Search & buy cards in bulk with MageFinder

MageFinder will save you a bunch of time, especially if you're building a Commander deck. You can add a whole list of cards and it'll automatically find them from the various sellers, at the cheapest price. Check it out here: magecards.co.uk/mage-finder 🧙

3Check out the seller's profile

The profile page of the seller features their picture & bio, as well as their number of transactions, ratings and reviews, and how fast they usually ship. You can make sure you're comfortable enough with their reputation before you go ahead and buy from them.

4Buying from new sellers is also fine!

If a seller is a blank slate with no ratings or reviews, it'll usually mean they're just starting out on Mage —maybe you're their first customer! Don't let their lack of reputation hold you back.

Everyone's gotta begin somewhere, so why not give them a shot? Worst case, if there are any issues, you can always reach out to us at [email protected] and we'll investigate.

5Ask questions to your sellers

When in doubt, don't hesitate and ask your seller, using the messaging tool. You can ask them about the condition of a certain card (you might want to see pictures of it, for example), about when they expect to send the cards, etc.

6Choose the shipping method that works for you

You'll usually be able to choose between a second class and a first class option. It's a matter of deciding whether you want to pay a bit less and get the cards a day or two later, or vice versa. Your call!

7Confirm delivery on Mage

Once your cards are delivered, please remember to confirm on Mage that you've received them and that you're happy with them.

If there's an issue, for instance, one of the cards is missing or not as described, tell the seller before confirming, then work together to come to a solution.

Report any issues ASAP, while the funds are still held on the platform. For example, if you confirm delivery and then communicate any problems, we'll likely won't be able to help, as the funds would have been transferred to the seller.

8Review your seller

Spending just a few seconds to drop a review for your seller can make a huge difference, not only for them but also for the entire Mage community.

9Cancelled order?

If your order was cancelled for whatever reason, your funds will be immediately refunded into your Mage wallet, so you can use the funds to buy other singles, or into your payment card.

10Have you considered selling cards as well?

Mage can be the perfect way for you to cover the expenses associated with playing Magic: The Gathering. You can reuse the funds from your sales to buy the singles that you actually want, or cash them out into your bank account.