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Why Mage?

Mage is a marketplace to buy and sell Magic: The Gathering cards, for the UK players and game stores.

Buying Magic cards made simple

Super easy & fast search to let you buy the cards you need. When you make a payment, funds are held by the platform until you confirm everything is okay.

Set up your side hustle

Sell your Magic singles using Mage's very simple interface. That extra cash you'll earn can make a big difference.

UK only

This is a platform to connect the UK's MTG community, avoiding custom charges and complexities. Buyers and sellers have to be based in the UK.

Join 750+ (and counting) members who 💜 Mage!

Since finding Mage and ordering my first commander (that actually worked well) it has been my favourite place to get cards. I've found all the sellers incredibly helpful, even some as far as putting in an extra card that they think would fit the theme (happened more than once you know who you are Rob). I have had issues occasionally with delivery of items but one quick message and the seller is there to help.

I have found the new MageFinder tool incredibly useful as well for ordering a few cards in a go

I'll always look on Mage for stock before going anywhere else.

I have been using Mage Cards for just over 3 months and it has been incredibly useful to purchase a range of cards. Whether that is EDH staples or harder to find cards, all for really reasonable prices.

It's really great to be able to buy important staple cards for a matter of pence rather than the inflated prices you might find elsewhere. The website is really easy to navigate and keep track of your purchases, whether they are ongoing, posted or past completed orders.

I have gone from using the site occasionally to a regular user and I would implore anyone reading this to do the same!

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We're building the coolest marketplace community for MTG in the UK, one step at a time.

Be part of it from the beginning. It'll be fun, we promise.

Scan it, sell it

(Beta version out now for Android!)

Listing cards made ridiculously easy & fast.

The Mage Scanner App (BETA) allows you to quickly scan and list hundreds of singles. Setting up a side hustle selling cards has never been this simple.

Start thinking of what you'll do with the extra cash you'll make: A holiday in Spain? Buy more cards or games? Some gifts for your close ones? Your call.

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