Card condition guide

The condition of a trading card is influenced by the number and intensity of markings it bears. Through this guide, we aim to assist Mage sellers in appraising their cards, establishing a common standard for both buyers and sellers in the community. Nevertheless, it's important to note that each card is unique and requires individual assessment—there are no one-size-fits-all rules.

Near mint

Near Mint condition cards exhibit minimal to no signs of wear from shuffling or play. While there might be a tiny edge nick, overall, they look as if they were never played and were just pulled from a booster pack. Cards in this state are typically indistinguishable from others in the same condition.

Example of a near mint card

Lightly played

Cards in Lightly Played condition display minor wear or slight scratches. There are very few defects, and none of them are significant.

Example of a lightly played card

Moderately played

Cards in Moderately Played condition present more noticeable issues. These may include limited border wear, corner wear, scratches, whitening, minor dirt, or a combination of moderate defects. Moderately played cards won't necessarily look similar to one another.

Example of a moderately played card

Heavily played

The level of wear is substantial. Numerous nicks, significant border wear, major creasing, noticeable whitening... Usually this condition results from ageing, or from playing them without sleeves. However, the card's integrity isn't affected and can still be played at tournaments when sleeved.

Example of a heavily played card
Example of a heavily played card


Damaged cards have extreme border wear, marking, folding or scratching, water damage, holes, etc. that compromises the integrity of the card. ‘Damaged' cards must not be listed on Mage.

Example of a damaged card