Why sell magic cards on Mage?

For players (casual & competitive) and collectors

Start your side hustle selling magic cards

Make some extra cash with a very easy to use platform.

Declutter your collection

Sell the cards you don't want and raise money to buy the ones you do.

Dynamic pricing

Update the price of all your listings in just a couple of clicks. Don't get burned by price spikes.

For stores & professional traders

Sell all across the UK

Build your online brand & reputation by selling MTG singles nationwide.

Easy stock listing & management

Intuitive interface to list and manage your cards. Bulk update card prices with the dynamic pricing feature.

Stats (coming soon!)

Easily monitor your collection and sales figures.

Listing form

Listing MTG singles made super simple

Quickly find the card in our database and list it for sale.


Easily manage your MTG stock in one place

See and manage all your Magic: The Gathering listings from your inventory hub.

Bulk update your card prices using the dynamic pricing feature.


Beautiful seller profiles

You'll have a beautifully designed seller profile that you can easily customise, where all your cards will be displayed.

Easy payments

Set your price

We suggest a trending price for every card, but you can set the price that you want.

Low fees

We just charge a 5% commission on what you sell. Listing cards is 100% free.

Get paid

Once you've completed a sale, you can request a pay-out into your UK bank account, at any time. Or you can use the funds to buy other cards you might want.

Sell MTG singles in 3 simple steps

1List your cards for sale

The more cards you list, the more you sell. As simple as that. A good mix of mythics, rares, uncommons and commons will give you great sales potential. You might want to check our guide to selling MTG cards for more tips.

2Keep an eye on your notifications

As soon as you make a sale on Mage, you'll receive an email notification with all the details.

3Ship the cards and get paid

Package the cards (our packaging guide might help) and post them using Royal Mail. You'll be paid when your buyer confirms delivery (tracked orders) or as soon as you ship them (untracked orders).

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We're building the coolest marketplace community for buying and selling MTG singles, one step at a time. Be part of it from the beginning. It'll be fun, we promise.

About Mage Cards

What is Mage Cards? Mage is the UK-based peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling Magic: The Gathering cards. We're powered by the community of users, fellow MTG players and independent shops and traders.

Why sell MTG singles? Inflation has affected everybody in the UK. If you're looking to cover some of the cost of playing cards, Mage can help you. Even beyond that, we want to help you have a business or side hustle by selling magic cards online.